September 6, 2016

Holiday Park or Hotel?

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When it comes to booking a holiday, there’s a lot more to it than choosing a destination – once you know where you’re going, accommodation should be right at the top of your holiday checklist! Now you’ll need to assess the following things:

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Experience

Two of the most popular venues are holiday parks and hotels. If all you’re looking for is a roof over your head, then you’re probably not too fussed where you’re staying; if you’re seeking a true holiday experience, then it’s going to require a little more consideration. After all, there’s a world of difference between checking into an anonymous Hamptons and Holgates Holiday Park.

Holiday Accommodation

The first major difference is, holiday parks allow you to vacation on your own terms. Want to eat in, that’s grand. Fancy trying a local restaurant, then hit the road for adventure. When you’re booked into a hotel, your choice of locations are limited to your room and the dining room – unless you enjoy spending time in lobbies and corridors. That’s important, especially if you’re taking a family holiday. With plenty of space, and the great outdoors literally just outside your front door, holiday parks offer a chance to find something for everyone without getting under each other’s feet. And if staying on-site if your preference, then you’re bound to find activities and events that are fun for all the family.

Folks check into hotels not to relax, but to be pampered. That’s not to say you won’t feel like a superstar in a holiday park – staying at a holiday park is like going on holiday in a home away from home (but without all those toys the kids just ‘forget’ to put away after them). Depending on the sort of holiday you’re seeking, you can be hands-on, get the pampered feeling of being somewhere exotic, or just kick back and enjoy the view.

Speaking of views, unless you’re paying top whack, a room with a view is almost certainly out of the question at a hotel. Eventually you’re going to end up in a hotel with a stunning view of the Riviera, located just behind that soot-stained brick wall right outside your window. Thanks to the nature of a holiday park, almost every window you look out and every door you open will lead to stunning views of the surrounding scenery, such as our own parks situated in the gorgeous North Lancashire and South Cumbria area. Once seen, never forgotten.

Holiday Accommodation

Ultimately, of course, choosing between a hotel and a holiday park is entirely down to what it is you want to achieve and how you wish to spend your holiday – and which fantastic locations you want to visit. To make the most, and get the most, of your time away, we think there’s nowhere better than a holiday park.

Find out how we can help you unwind – simply get in touch online or call 01524 701508. We’d be absolutely delighted to discuss how to make your holiday moments memorable.

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