The Beach Boys (and Girls) Of Silverdale

Beach cleaners working hard to keep our beautiful beaches pristine.

Beach Cleaners 1

The Silverdale beach cleaners are helping to make our beautiful beaches cleaner.

A few weeks ago, we were joined by members of the Arnside and Silverdale beach cleaners when they popped in to Holgates Silverdale for a coffee after carrying out their voluntary work just across the road on the beach opposite the flagship Holgates Silverdale Park.

This merry bunch of beach cleaners are part of the Morecambe Bay Partnership which runs a number of beach cleaning charity groups across the Bay area. They meet monthly from March to November each year cleaning our local beaches of debris and rubbish. On this occasion, they collected 12kg of rubbish from the dip just outside Holgates Caravan Park Silverdale. It is not only a great cause that helps keep this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in pristine condition, says Steve the group organiser; it is also a great way to bring the community together. This month they had four young men from the local Beaumont College in Silverdale helping them while they are taking part in a conservation course.

If you are interested in volunteering with the beach clean, the next one is going to be held at New Barns beach on Saturday 20th May. Everyone is welcome.

For more information take a look on the Morecambe Bay Events Section here

Keep up the good work beach cleaners, what a great cause!