Interview with an Owner: Silverdale

Holgates is an amazing place to own a holiday home and our residents agree!


Here at Holgates we are proud of our amazing parks and facilities; we think they’re a step above the rest! But, don’t just take our word for it. We caught up with one of our holiday home owners – Ann McGibbon of Preston – to get her view on what makes Holgates so special.

For what reasons did you choose our flagship Holgates park?

There are plenty of activities to do for the kids and it’s not too far away from home so can pop up to Holgates anytime I like.


How frequently do you visit your holiday home?

As much as possible! At least every other weekend and all school holidays.


Why did you decide to buy a holiday home?

We used to frequently camp in our Motorhome here and at Hollins Farm, before, finally, one day deciding we wanted to purchase our own little part of Holgates.

Did you purchase your holiday home for family time or for a quiet escape?

A bit of both really, we love having our grandchildren up to stay with us as there’s so much for them to do here. But we also enjoy those quiet moments when it’s just the two of us. You could say we’ve got the best of both worlds really!


What are your favourite pastimes while in the Silverdale area?

Relaxing and walking her two lovely dogs around site. (Mrs McGibbon’s dogs are two familiar and much loved faces around site.)


What are your favourite aspects about Holgates Silverdale?

A number of things; friendly and helpful staff; the feeling of never being alone; great food and services in the restaurant; and great dog walking facilities around the park itself and in the surrounding area.

Has your lifestyle improved since purchasing your holiday home?

Greatly so, a lot healthier and happier.


Does it feel like you're on holiday when you come to your home at Holgates?

Life is one long holiday at Holgates!


What activities, walks and attractions would you recommend for potential customers in the area?

Walking Arnside Knott, visiting the beach, RSPB Leighton Moss and stopping in for a coffee or bite to eat at the Royal in Silverdale.


What facilities on Park do you use the most, and why?

The pool, the kids play area, the cafe, the high-speed internet connection, the shop, the laundrette and the bowling alley is great fun. 

What have been the highlights so far of owning your own holiday home?

Walking through the door the first time it was all yours after all the outdoor work and paperwork had been completed. It was a really great feeling!

Knowing that it is your own little piece of heaven – I love spending time here.

Would you recommend Holgates Silverdale to other family and friends?

A million percent and I have done! People have followed my recommendations and now own holiday homes on here and over at the Far Arnside Park.

So, there you have it! A glowing recommendation for a beloved face here at Holgates Silverdale! Do you want your own little bit of heaven? Or somewhere that's a little closer to nature than your average city? If you have any enquiries about owning one of our fantastic holiday homes then do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01524 701508.