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July 6, 2017

Watersports Near Holgates


A perfect holiday isn’t just filled with relaxing time and leisurely strolls through our beautiful parks. You can also take part in a wide variety of watersports near us and enjoy the outdoors.

From canoeing to sailing and flyboarding, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience already, you can enjoy all of your favourite watersports by yourself or through a local watersports centre such as Low Wood Bay Watersports and Arnside Sailing Club . Here, you can take classes suitable to your level of learning and then return to our parks for a much-deserved meal in the comfort of your holiday home.

Here are just a few of the watersports you can enjoy near Holgates:


If you love adrenaline and actively seek it, then flyboarding is the ideal sport for you. Flyboarding involves a water jetpack attached to a hose that is connected to a watercraft and allows you to ride up to 15 metres in the air due to the high-pressure water propulsion system. This extremely fun exercise is perfect for an adrenaline rush and you can always take advantage of the sun, if it’s out, for a bit of Vitamin D.

Watersports Near Holgates


Similar to water skiing and snowboarding, wakeboarding is a surface water sport in which you ride a wakeboard on the water and use similar techniques to the aforementioned sports. With the potential of helping your hand-eye coordination and balance, you will find wakeboarding to be a great, fun exercise. Kneeboarding is extremely similar to wakeboarding, but with an easier learning curve and where you kneel on the board.

Water Skiing

If you love both the outdoors and the water, water skiing is a perfect extension of both. With the thrill of water skiing and the enjoyment it brings you from being pulled on the water, there are also a few potential benefits that include making you feel healthier.

Water skiing works both your legs and your upper body, toning your muscles and potentially improving your posture. You can also increase your core strength and your balance, in addition to burning some calories with a sport that is easy on your joints.

Watersports Near Holgates

Canoeing & Kayaking

As you paddle through the water on your canoe or kayak, you will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery around our parks. From beautiful local flora and fauna, there is much to view as you improve your cardiovascular fitness alongside your arm and leg strength. Canoeing involves an open vessel in which you sit or kneel in, and a kayak is enclosed and you sit with your legs extended. Regardless of your preference, you are sure to have a quality, peaceful time if you wish or an exciting one with a  loved one paddling alongside you and perhaps racing you.


As a good exercise for your concentration, mental wellness, and agility, sailing is a fun activity that will help you to communicate better with whom you sail with. Should you decide to captain your own boat, you will surely develop your muscular endurance and strength even more. It helps you to focus on multiple tasks at the same time and improves your concentration levels.

You can take advantage of the beautiful scenery and the bodies of water surrounding our parks to do a wide variety of watersports. At Holgates, our locations are all conveniently located for a relaxing holiday with plenty do to.

Watersports Near Holgates

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