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March 20, 2017

Spring has Sprung: Wildlife at Holgates


Discover Wildlife at Holgates when you stay at one of our holiday parks.

Brighter, longer, days. Fresher, brighter, greenery and bursting buds in bloom. We have all been waiting patiently for spring to be on our doorstep and for nature to come alive in front of our eyes.

As the warmer days visit us, so will the wildlife. We can look forward to the birds, the bees and the creatures in the trees making themselves at home in our parks, gardens, and fields.

At Holgates we have had the young tawny owl ‘Boomerang’ attempting return to its nest, which has made our excitement for spring owl-standingly high. After many repeated attempts to settle back into its original nesting box, the young owl might move on when a new brood of owls take ownership. So as Boomerang flies on, we have many other friends flying in…

Busy Birds

The red-breasted robin will be seen taking flight and other birds will be stirring from their winter slumbers. Many migrant birds will be arriving in the Lake District and will be visiting the surrounding areas of Holgates. Birds such as swallows, wheatears and chiffchaffs will be first arrivals in March.

As we progress further into April and May the cuckoo, nightingale and some warblers can be spotted out and about. Without a doubt, the beauty can be seen soaring through the stunning spring skies.

Wildlife at Holgates

Of course, if you’re lucky you may be able to see the afore mentioned Boomerang. A tawny owl, they are actually one of the most common owls you can spot around Britain; though even the most common of this species is still a rare sight. They have strong territorial personalities; which Boomerang proved by coming back home to Holgates.

There is known to be around 20,000 pairs of tawny owls populating Britain, and we are one of the lucky ones to be able to see these swooping creatures in the surrounding areas. Keep your eye out for a tawny owl, as even though they are mainly active at night, they can be seen in daylight; just like our very own Holgates resident, Boomerang.

Wildlife at Holgates

Lovely Lambs

As the daffodils bloom in spring, so do the leaping lambs. So much joy is brought to the fields of the countryside by these adorable animals. Nothing brings happiness to the heart like a flock of lambs jumping through the fresh green fields. The lamb is a definite sign that spring is in the air and if you are lucky on your trip, you may make some new bouncing friends.

Wildlife at Holgates

Darling Deer’s

These plant-eating mammals are known to be particularly shy; so be sure to be sneaky! As spring draws in, the deer’s come out from hiding and begin to immerge into other territory. Be sure to look out for tell-tale signs such as tracks and areas with fruits and berries. Springtime is the key season when deer tend to have their young, so if you’re lucky you may spot a fawn. The best time to look out for this

beautiful creature is in the early morning, so be sure to get an early breakfast and get your adventure boots on.

Wildlife at Holgates

Bumbling Bees and Brilliant Butterflies

That buzzing sound of pollination is sure to begin now we are in March. The queen of the bees will lumber into the gardens, and the mining bees will be gradually leaving their underground hideaways; be sure to look out for the small soil piles they leave on their exit.  After the bees get to work, keep your eyes peeled for the colourful flutter of wings feeding on the new openings of blooming flowers. These creatures offer the perfect opportunity to take a walk out with your camera – who knows what you might capture!

Wildlife at Holgates

These wildlife wonders are but a small selection of what you can feast your sights on in Silverdale, Bay View and our other park locations. Intriguing insects are bound to be relaxing in the natural surroundings. Hares and rabbits are will be bouncing through fields and birds shall be gracing you with their high-flying presence. The beauty that surrounds us in the Lake District is beyond spectacular and you can be a part of its miracle.

Holgates could be the perfect place for you to stay as you explore the wildlife, and go spotting some creatures in their natural habitat. Get in touch today, and we will be more than happy to help you pick the right accommodation for you, or discuss a break for you and your friends or family.

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