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December 18, 2019

Holgates Ribble Valley Wins 3 New Conservation Awards


Here at Holgates Ribble Valley, we love the beautiful surroundings of our park, and we always aim to do the most we can to help preserve them, as well as help boost the environment and the wildlife populations where we can.

Our hard work is paying off, and we’ve recently been awarded not one but three new conservation badges, courtesy of the David Bellamy Conservation Awards!

Honey Bee Friendly Park

Bees are fantastic for our environment despite their small size. They play a vital role in our ecosystem, and we have been determined to help boost their numbers as they are declining rapidly.

In order to do this – and win the award – we have planted species of flowers and other plants that will provide food for the bees and encourage them to stop by the park for a much-needed meal while on their travels.

We have also been spreading the word to our park guests about the importance of bees, and how important the conservation of this amazing species is for not only our park but for the wider world, too.

We’ve also been hard at work providing homes and habitats for visiting bees to use, to give them the opportunity to rest safely and make a home at the park.

We’re extremely proud to be taking an active role in helping bees here in the UK, and this award is one which we are extremely proud to receive.

5 Habitats in 5 Years

This award has been running since 2017 and each year has a specific habitat that should be focused on with regards to rebuilding and protecting. If our wildlife doesn’t have enough of the right habitat to thrive, we start to see species numbers drop – and nobody wants that!

In 2017, it was hedgerows, 2018 required participating parks to encourage wildflower meadows and other wildflower areas and 2019 saw woodlands and trees get a little boost. Every little nudge in the right direction helps, and we’re incredibly proud to have been able to contribute to increasing the number and quality of the habitats we find around our park.

To secure the award, we had to record the extent of the habitat that we are managing and report how we manage it and plan to enhance it for the wildlife that lives there in the future!

Silver David Bellamy Award

We have been lucky enough to secure the silver David Bellamy Award at Holgates Ribble Valley and we’re proud to be following in the footsteps of our other Holgates sites, who have managed to attain the Gold David Bellamy Award across all our parks!

Our park has been assessed on how we manage the land as a haven for wildlife, our efforts on reducing our use of energy, water and other resources, our efforts for reducing waste by reducing, reusing and recycling and how we support our local communities.

The assessors then decided which parks deserve David Ballamys prestigious awards – and this year we attained the silver at our Holgates Ribble Valley park!

We know just how important the environment is, and we want our guests to see that we’re doing our absolute best to help improve our planet – and hope that they will be compelled to help us, too!

Has our dedication to conservation encouraged you to book a stay with us? Feel free to get in touch with us and see how you can get involved with our efforts during your stay!

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