Why Choose A Holgates Park For This Year's Family Holiday

Wondering what makes Holgates so special? There are plenty of great reasons to choose us when planning your family holiday.

Why Choose A Holgates Park For This Years Family Holiday

The holiday season is looming closer, and for many families, this means planning the summer family holiday.

If the thought of heading abroad with everyone in tow sends shivers down your spine and you’d rather find somewhere perfect for a staycation here in the UK and keep stress levels low, we’re pretty sure that a stay at Holgates has you covered.

Why? Well, let us explain…

Perfect Location for the Lakes

The UK has some pretty good spots for a staycation, but there’s no better place to balance relaxation, nature and physical exercise than the Lake District.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful scenery to relax in or a tough fell to climb, want to go shopping or kick back in a traditional local pub atmosphere, the Lakes has it all… and we’re positioned perfectly for you to experience it all.

We’re not in the centre of the Lake District and we think that’s a good thing! It means that we’re in a much quieter location and can accommodate your needs easier than those who are in amongst the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots.

We’re within the perfect travelling distance of all the popular locations; Windermere, Bowness, The Langdale Pikes… whats more, we’ve even got parks on the coast which overlooks Morecambe Bay - world renowned for its incredible sunsets. We’re the perfect base, no matter where in Cumbria or Lancashire you want to visit.

Dog-Friendly Options Available

Sometimes your pet needs a break too, and there’s no better place to let them come along and enjoy the holiday than in one of our pet-friendly parks! While we only have a few homes which are able to accommodate pets, it’s nice to have the option to bring your best friend along for the fun.

The Lake District is a haven for dog walkers, and a hike up a fell is more than enough exercise and fun for a dog as well as you! Get out and about in the beautiful Lakes countryside with your dog and make the most of a holiday that you can both enjoy!

There are many dog-friendly pubs and attractions in the Lakes too, so even if climbing a fell is out of the question, there’s plenty that you and your pooch can get up to while in the area.

Then you can come back and rest up in our comfy holiday homes ready for the next day’s adventures!

Private Relaxation

The way we have designed our parks and the places that they are situated, have been carefully thought out with your privacy in mind. There’s nothing worse than feeling completely exposed on holiday when you are trying to relax, especially in hotel rooms where you can’t properly settle because housekeeping will come in every day to make your bed and tidy up.

In our holiday homes, you can make them your own for the duration of your stay. While you will have neighbours in their holiday homes next to you, you have complete privacy in your own.

Relaxation wise, you have access to all the park’s amenities; swimming pools, restaurants and other leisure facilities are available for park guests to use during their stay. Coupled with the beautiful, natural surroundings in our parks, there’s no way that relaxation isn’t on the cards!

Everything You Need in One Place

For those who don't want to travel far once they’ve settled in, we've made sure that everything you could possibly need is close by.

We’ve got onsite shops where you can pick up food, drink and any other everyday essentials. We’ve got parks with leisure centres and swimming pools, which are perfect for families, restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal at any time of the day, games rooms and bowling alleys for fun activity days. We’ve pretty much got everything you could ever need on a relaxing holiday… and you don’t need to leave our park!

Even if you want to head out of the park, we’re situated very close to nearby amenities such as supermarkets, cinemas and more.

Why take a stressful holiday, when you can relax with Holgates? With everything in one place, a perfect location to explore the Lakes and more, we’re the perfect choice for your summer family holiday!

For more information on any of our parks or booking your stay with us, feel free to contact our team - we’re here to help you with any and every aspect of your holiday with us!