Top 5 Outdoor Tips for a Pleasant Summer

You’ve probably been thinking about what you should do once summer arrived, especially during the rainy days where you could only dream of heading outside and sunbathing.

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Now that summer has finally come, it’s time to start enjoying everything the season has to offer!

Master the Art of the Barbeque

When the sun is shining you probably feel the urge to eat outside and bask in the warmth of summer while enjoying your favourite food – equally important is cooking the meal outside. This season is perfect to get everyone together for a day of fun and eating, so roll up your sleeves, clean the grill, and host a barbeque party for your family or friends – you can all fully enjoy the outdoors this way!

Hike in Nature

What better way to enjoy summer than to head outside and explore nature? Hiking offers many mental and physical health benefits, and it also has the added bonus of letting you spot wildlife in their natural habitat. The Lake District is, perhaps, the most popular location in England to hike, as it provides a wide variety of natural walks that range from easy to difficult, meaning everyone can enjoy themselves, from beginners or families with small children to the experienced hikers looking for a challenge.

Get a Hammock

Lying on a hammock is a fantastic way to enjoy the sun while relaxing at the same time – and it surprisingly provides plenty of things to do. You can add a table with a refreshing drink and a book nearby and catch up on your reading, you can watch your children play around in the garden, you can slowly be rocked to sleep with the gentle motions of the hammock... a hammock is not just a pretty addition to your garden, and can indeed allow your summer to become even better than it is!

Go Camping

Getting away from the city is vital to recharge your batteries and escape the sometimes hectic activities inherent to city life. Camping, or glamping for those who love luxury and comfort while outdoors, is a great option. Being in contact with nature is almost a biological need, and it certainly offers plenty of health benefits.

Keep Yourself Cool

While enjoying the warm sunny days outdoors is most people’s idea of heaven, it’s also important to keep cool during heat waves. This way you can avoid becoming dehydrated or feeling uncomfortably hot – which could turn your pleasant summer sour. When the sun’s out in force, apply sunscreen, drink lemonade or other cool drinks and enjoy the shade as well!

We can easily become swept away in our daily routines, so when summer arrives we just want to have a pleasant, relaxed time. You dream of taking advantage of this season and enjoying it with your family and friends, and here at Holgates we hope to make that dream a reality. Get in touch with us, or call us on 01524 701508 to enquire about your holiday booking, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our offers.