The Twelve Days of Holgates - Collected

Take a look back at the extra special Holgates-inspired Twelve Days of Christmas!

12 Days Of

2017 is officially here, but we at Holgates can’t help but remember the amazing Christmas that we just celebrated. More specifically: The Twelve Days of Holgates. It was an amazing way to commemorate all of our favourite parts of Holgates, putting us in the best festive cheer!

So, we have collected all twelve days to remember the good times and hope that Christmas 2017 is just as amazing!

The First Day of Holgates

On the first day of Christmas, Holgates offered me, a partridge in a Royal tree.

The first gift in the Twelve Days of Christmas – and subsequently the last line always sung – is a partridge in a pear tree. Strange, considering that partridges are not known for spending time in trees at all as they nest on the ground, let alone a pear tree.

It has been suggested that this is a false translation of the French ‘une perdix’. In Greek mythology, the inventor Daedalus, a famed inventor and father of Icarus, grew jealous of his nephew Perdix for inventing the saw. In a rage of jealousy, he threw his nephew from a tower and it was only the power of the goddess Athena that saved the boy’s life. She transformed him into a bird that forevermore bore his name, Perdix (or a partridge in English). To this day, partridges are said to avoid heights and fly close to the ground because of the original fall.

Did you know about the supposed origin of the partridge? It certainly adds an interesting twist to the song!


The Second Day of Holgates

On the second day of Christmas, Holgates gave to me...

Two tawny owls!

Slightly different from the more traditional turtle doves. But, our local owls have been the star of Holgates in their very own #OwlWatch over the past few months and we felt they deserved their own line in the Holgates song!

Our resident tawny owls are beautiful creatures. They are quite small – in comparison to other owls – as they are only the size of a pigeon! Nocturnal like the majority of their species, you can hear these owls calling during the night across the Silverdale Park. Watch out for this sound:

Tawny owls can be seen all year round, but there’s something extra special about seeing them at Christmas! So, don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the variety of owls around the Silverdale Park during your visit!


The Third Day of Holgates

On the third day of Christmas Holgates sold to me, the eggs of three French hens.

Did you know we sell fresh free range eggs from our Hollins Farm chickens? Pop in to Reception to purchases yours today – they really are delicious!

How are you going to enjoy your eggs this morning? Sunny side up and with a smile on your face, we hope!


The Fourth Day of Holgates

On the fourth day of Christmas Holgates gave to me Four calling Birds.

Give our lovely Reception team a call today! From booking your holiday to the best places to eat, these gals are always happy to help! With the friendliest faces you’ll ever meet, they have an answer for (almost) every question you have.

So, call them up today to order yourself a new gas bottle - you’ll need a little extra heating on these cold winter nights after all!

The Fifth Day of Holgates

On the Fifth day of Christmas, Holgates gave to me five gold rings.

The rings pictured above were spotted at our beautiful Netherbeck Park in Carnforth.

We love Christmas here at Holgates, so a touch of tinsel here and there is only to be expected! Have you decorated your holiday home in spectacular fashion this winter season? Send us a picture, we’d love to see!

The Sixth Day of Holgates

On the sixth day of Christmas, Holgates gave to me… six parks and counting!

On the 12th May 1956, Billy and Miriam Holgate purchased Middlebarrow Plain – that day Holgates Caravan Parks Ltd was established.  To this day, it remains the Flagship Park of the company at Silverdale.  Over the years, both Frank and Michael Holgate have expanded Holgates Holiday Parks.

Today, the company boasts five other 5* Holiday Parks, each Park offering something unique to its loyal customers. The photograph above is of Bay View Holiday Park in Bolton le Sands. There is also Silver Ridge, Netherbeck, Hollins Farm and Far Arnside. If you’re interested in the other parks and what they have to offer, then feel free to give us a call to find out more.

If you’re interested in the history of Holgates Caravan Parks, we have the book ‘Holgates Holiday Parks – Celebrating 60 Years’ available to purchase in Reception.

The Seventh Day of Holgates

On the seventh day of Christmas Holgates gave to me Seven Swan-a- Swimming.

Come along and use our fabulous leisure facilities that include a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, baby pool, and gym.

The pool is open 7 days a week and has a variety of classes including Aquafit, Splash and Adults only swim sessions. Look out for these swans when you come along and join in one of our Splash sessions – you may spot a few of these faces around the Leisure facilities too.

Fancy a swim yourself? Come down to our wonderful pool at Silverdale – it’s only £5 for adults and £4 for children!

The Eighth Day of Holgates

On the eighth day of Christmas Holgates gave to me, Eight Maids a Milking.

All dairy products used by Holgates Caravan Parks are supplied by Stephenson’s Dairy.

In May 2015 Stephenson’s Dairy successfully launched the UK’s first Free Range Milk. 

Free Range Milk guarantees that the cows are grazed in their natural environment on grassland pastures for at least 180 days and nights each year.  Stephenson’s Dairy pays their farmers an additional levy to farm in this sustainable way, so that customers can be provided with a more ethical food choice.   We are very proud to be driving this positive change in the dairy industry from Lancashire and Holgates are very proud to support them.

Here at Holgates, we’re a big believer in supporting local produce and trade and Stephenson’s are one of our main suppliers, why not look at their website and check out their Facebook page.


The Ninth Day of Holgates

On the ninth day of Christmas Holgates gave to me… Nine Ladies dancing.

In the pool!

Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 9 am we hold an Aquafit class in the pool. It’s £3 for members and £6 for non-members – come along and join in the fun, all welcome!

The Tenth Day of Holgates

On the tenth day of Christmas Holgates gave to me… Ten Vans a Driving!

Look out for the Holgates fleet across our Parks, the team working hard to keep the Holgates standards exceptionally high.

We are very proud of the facilities that we offer across our Parks, so it’s of paramount importance that we keep them glittering all year round – not just as a result of tinsel at Christmas! From the pool to your actual holiday home, you won’t find anything out of place during your stay Holgates!

And if you do? Then never fear, our lords of maintenance will be around in their vans in no time.


The Eleventh Day of Holgates

On the eleventh day of Christmas Holgates gave to me Eleven Pipers Piping... up one of our Holiday Homes.

Our experienced team is always on hand to help if you need a hand on site at the Park. We offer a 24-hour wardens service for owners and customers staying with us on holiday; as your comfort and safety is of paramount importance to us!

A little tip, always remember to drain down your holiday home each time you leave park – the frost is not good for the pipes, as these happy band of pipers know! So, don’t leave yourself the worst kind of Christmas surprise to find upon your return!

The Twelfth Day of Holgates

On the twelfth day of Christmas Holgates gave to me… twelve Drummer’s Drumming!

Drum, drum, and drum away. Our Holgates band of drummers finishing off one of the handcrafted decks around Park.

It’s the little touches that we love here at Holgates and a handcrafted deck is just that!

And that’s all we wrote for our fabulous Twelve Days of Holgates! Did you keep up to date either here on the news page or over on Facebook? Did you love the amazing things on offer? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01524 701508 to find out about all the amazing things that we have to offer here at Holgates.

After all, who knows what the Twelve Days of Holgates will bring in 2017!