The Twelve Days of Holgates

Here at Holgates, we love Christmas! For that reason, we have created an extra special Holgates-inspired Twelve Days of Christmas!

12 Christmas

We all know it, a song that builds and builds through a series of increasingly extravagant and wonderful gifts. Well, extravagant in the view of the average man and woman in 1780 – the year that this song was first published.

There have been some slight variations to this song throughout its long and rich history. In the nineteenth-century Scottish singers sung of a true love who offered a parrot, a large brown bull, and even a baboon to his beloved. A tad more exotic (or scary, depending on your opinion of bulls) than the modern carol we sing today!

With that in mind, we here at Holgates decided to add our own twist to the festive tune this Christmas! What will our Holgates twist entail? Will there be a bull? Probably not, but there are lots of amazing Christmas treats on the horizon! Are you excited to discover just what the Twelve Days of Holgates has in store? Then keep up to date with all that Holgates has to offer over the next twelve days, either here on the news page or over on Facebook