The Many Health Benefits of Camping

Whether you’re camping alone, with family or with your significant other, the truth is you do it because you want something different in your life.

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Whether you’re camping alone, with family or with your significant other, the truth is you do it because you want something different in your life. To escape routines or feel one with the world, for instance. You might not even realise why you feel that need to go camping in the middle of the woods, but it doesn’t really matter.

You can choose to camp in secluded areas or opt for a public campsite, but whatever you choose in the end, deep down it’s clear that camping offers certain benefits that life in the city simply can’t.

Lowers Stress

The demands of our jobs and daily lives can interfere with our wellbeing. Answering phone calls, attending meetings, operating machines; getting away from all of those situations is the perfect way to cope with the negative effects stress can have on your health. Being able to step out of your normal routine can also lead to deep reflection. Worries stay behind, away from nature, and the mind is then capable of focusing on different scents, sounds and sights. The decrease in your stress levels will lead to a rise in the oxygen and serotonin levels, which will offer you that feel-good mood you enjoy so much.

Although being able to turn on the lights at any given moment is an advantage of modern life, this exposure to electric light and a reduced access to sunlight have disturbed our circadian clocks, according to scientists. After spending time camping, your biological clock should synchronise with the sunrise and the sunset, given that we evolved these rhythms to anticipate when the sun came up or disappeared.

This sleep unbalance is significant, since it means a delay of around two hours in your clock, which can create insomnia or other sleep disturbances.

Sure, the outdoors is beautiful and the landscapes can put you in a better mood, but the reason why people suffering from depression tend to feel better after spending some time camping is because of Vitamin D. The deficiency of this type of vitamin can cause you to feel down, and the best way to boost yourself up is by being exposed to even just a little bit of sunshine (not when the sun is at its strongest, though).

Another great benefit of the outdoors is spending time with your family without the interference of things like phones or computers. You’ll feel happier and able to communicate better with them. Also, you’ll feel like you really bonded over building a tent, playing games or exploring the great outdoors.

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