The Best Time to Book a Holiday

When is the best time of year to book your holidays?

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Even though the festive season is behind us it still feels remarkably close, meaning it’s easy to postpone booking a 2017 holiday! You might feel like you just had a holiday and shouldn’t be thinking about booking a new one just yet. However, it pays to start thinking about the year ahead of you and book now.

‘Staycations’ are on the rise in post-Brexit Britain, a trend that was worth a staggering £1.4 billion by August 2016 and forecasted to rise even higher in 2017. Enjoy the benefits that vacationing in the UK offers by booking your holiday early on – and remove the stress out of holiday planning!

You Can Have Your Pick

By booking your UK holiday now, you ensure that you have chosen the time and place that is most convenient to you, instead of having to settle for dates and locations you didn’t exactly want in the first place. This is especially important if you can only take certain days off work. As a first booker, you’ll get the best choice!

In addition, certain times of the year are more popular than others, such as summer – so, if you really want to holiday in a specific place, it’s important to book it at the start of the year to avoid disappointment in the future.

You Won’t Be So Stressed

Knowing that you’ve taken care of every single detail in advance and already have everything booked and planned can take the anxiety out of the picture. You won’t be stressing over whether you still have time to book this or that, and can instead enjoy thinking about your destination and everything you’ll be able to do there – like swim, play golf and bowl!

You also won’t need to think about holiday planning anymore. As soon as you book your holiday you can push it to the back of your mind and focus on other things. The next time you’ll be seriously thinking about it will be when you’re packing!

You Can Save Money

The best offers are usually available far in advance, which means that last-minute bookings, whether it’s tickets, hotel nights or tent pitches, for instance, can become needlessly expensive. This is because everyone in the holiday industry likes to have early bookings: it helps them get organised in order to offer you the best experience possible and also guarantees customers.

So, you might be able to snag a few incentives here and there if you book early, like discounts and promotions on advertised prices. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find amazing deals if you leave your booking to the last minute!

‘Staycations’ means you get to cut down other costs as well, such as plane tickets and money conversion rates, allowing you to spend it in something fun with the family!

You Don’t Spend so Much Time ‘On the Road’

Vacating in the UK also means shorter travel times. Travelling for a long time can make you feel exhausted, not relaxed, so staying the UK will provide you with more moments to unwind and take advantage of every single day you booked off work! Travelling to a different country is also time-consuming and cuts into the quality time you could be spending with your family.

You might think it’s too early to start booking a holiday in 2017, but the opposite couldn’t be truer! Not only will you feel more relaxed knowing you don’t have to rush to book a holiday, but you’ll be able to actually have the holiday that you want. No compromises.

Book your holiday with Holgates now or send us your inquiries, and we’ll work with you to ensure you’ll have the holiday of your dreams! You can also book a viewing if you prefer to see the locations we have before making a commitment, so call us today on 01524 701508.