The Benefits of Swimming with Babies

Introducing swimming to a baby can be an extremely rewarding experience for them and you.

Learning To Swim

Swimming is a great activity, mainly due to the health benefits it offers to those who practice it. Introducing swimming to a baby can be an extremely rewarding experience for them and you.

Babies have a natural affinity to water, especially because they’re born with something called the ‘diving reflex’, or bradycardic response. This reflex ensures that babies automatically hold their breath and open their eyes when they’re submerged. In addition, the baby’s epiglottis will close at the same time, so no water can go down his or her throat.

This means that swimming with babies is incredibly safe, so you don’t have to feel stressed when you’re in the pool with your child!

How Can You and Your Baby Benefit?

Swimming brings several benefits to babies, especially because of the combination of gentle exercise and warm water, which helps them have a better night of sleep – and can stimulate their appetite as well. Because the first year of life is critical to any baby’s growth and development, regular exercise that allows freedom of movement can help strengthen the brain and teach new skills.

Swimming can become a habit later in life because your baby started doing it so early, which not only teaches a skill that can save his or her life, but also helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. Swimming also helps babies improve their confidence in the water, their coordination and balance and their muscle strength.

Taking your baby to the pool can also benefit you. After all, you’re forging a stronger bond with your child, one that is centred on trust – and aided by the fact that you’re having skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Spending time with your child is always important, so taking the opportunity to participate in the same activity can help you share the same common interest and have fun together.

Our Swimming Pool at Silverdale

We’re dedicated to ensuring that your stay is an experience you will remember forever, which is why we have a broad range of services at your disposal. This includes our 17m swimming pool, which is open to the public and residents all year around, from 9.30am to 9pm.

Due to the fact that our pool is heated, you can rest assured that your baby will be comfortable and relaxed while he or she learns to swim – and will be having fun at all times!

This means that you can swim with your baby, exercise or simply relax in our swimming pool no matter if you’re staying with us or if you live in the local area. And if you don’t feel like staying in the pool for a very long time, you can still enjoy our other amenities, including sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, as well as our fun, brand-new bowling alley!

Here at Holgates we strive to give you the family holiday of your dreams, so book your stay with us and enjoy everything our parks have to offer, from first-class facilities to wonderful wildlife and incredible scenery.