The Benefits of Christmas Away from Home

At Holgates we strive to provide you with the familiar comforts of home while giving you the opportunity to have a different Christmas this year!

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Christmas is one of the most magical and enjoyable times of the year, but also the busiest. Facing large crowds when shopping for presents, cooking a big family meal, wrapping gifts… All of these are part of what makes Christmas both special and exhausting!

This is why it’s important to recharge batteries and make sure you’re prepared for the year ahead! Many people choose to enjoy this festive season away from home not only for these reasons, but also because they want to experience something new during the holidays.

Whatever your reason, at Holgates we strive to provide you with the familiar comforts of home while giving you the opportunity to have a different Christmas this year!

No Responsibilities at Home

While preparing the house for guests, food shopping for Christmas meals and cooking can be pleasant experiences, not having to do them allows you to enjoy your holiday in a way you haven’t before. If you’re not worrying about making a perfect roast, Christmas becomes much more relaxing – especially if you don’t even need to do the washing up after.

This is where Holgates can help you as well. We’re offering a fantastic Christmas and New Year menu that we’re sure will delight you! The holiday spirit is already upon us and we couldn’t be more excited to provide you with the perfect meal. The Royal Christmas & New Year Menu, which you can browse at will, is designed to tantalise your taste buds.

This delightful menu was created by our amazing chefs and will be served in The Royal from Monday 28th November until the end of the season.

As for New Year’s Eve, we have a limited number of spaces and a spectacular 5-course gala dinner you won’t soon forget – perfect to celebrate the beginning of 2017! Don’t hesitate to enquire on 01524 701508 about bookings for this dinner and enjoy a one-of-a-kind evening!

Different Fun

Relaxing and enjoying time as a family is important, so by choosing to spend Christmas in a different location you can try new things together. Participate in activities that you never tried before and explore places you always wanted to visit.

Holgates you’ll also have access to fun activities that the whole family can enjoy! Our facilities close at 3pm on the 23rd of December and re-open on Boxing Day, but you can certainly enjoy them before and after this period!

Our bowling alley is perfect for both the younger and older generations, and we welcome everyone in our 17m heated swimming pool, from grown-ups to babies. You can also find a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi, which will certainly add an extra element of relaxation to your holidays.

And you can always enjoy your holidays away from home by exploring the local areas, whether you do this hiking or having a relaxing stroll in the evening. The beautiful landscapes never disappoint, no matter what time of the day it is!

More Time for Family

While you’re certainly spending time with your loved ones when you celebrate Christmas at home, the truth is that you have a lot to do as well, which can cut into family time. Everything seems to get in the way on Christmas day – wrapping the last presents, chopping vegetables, setting the table…

Christmas away from home allows you to avoid distractions and pressures, which means you have more time for everyone, from your children to older relatives.

It also gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on something other than presents or homecooked meals and reconnect with your loved ones without the stress of modern life, allowing you to experience the true meaning of Christmas!

And spending the holidays away from home can also give you and your kids a truly unique New Year experience. How many people can say they’ve welcomed a new year surrounded by the natural beauty of Morecambe Bay and its nearby areas?

So pop on over to our Bay View park in Bolton Le Sands with your touring caravan or book one of our camping pods – we’re confident you’ll create beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime. This family-friendly park is located on the Morecambe Bay coastline and gives you access to plenty of walking routes and activities you can do in the area.

And, most importantly, a fun evening you get to spend with your family! You’ll be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a disco and a delicious supper, a different experience to what you’re used to and a great way to have a good time!

Call us now on 01524 701508 to inquire about availabilities or book your spot!

There are many exciting things to do and see if you choose to spend the festive period in our parks. From enjoying the local cuisine in the form of pubs and restaurants to benefiting from fresh air and stunning scenery, there’s something for everyone.

We want to make sure you have the Christmas holiday of your dreams, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve it!