Tent vs Caravan: What is Best for You?

Choosing the right accommodation for your holidays is important, so which one will suit you best?

Family Weekend Trip

When going on a camping holiday it is crucial to carefully think about your accommodation – mainly choosing the one that will best suit you. At Holgates we have many scenic pitches with beautiful views so, no matter whether you choose to camp in a tent or holiday home, you’ll get to enjoy your holidays in relaxation and comfort!


One of the most important elements to take into consideration is the size of your group. Tent pitches will be smaller by nature, while caravan holiday homes are larger, which means that you need to make a decision based on how many people you have with you.

Tents can be big as well, although for accommodating a large family comfortably, a caravan home will have the advantage. Case in point, we offer 12-feet wide caravans at our Silverdale park, perfect for larger families, as they have one double bedroom and two twin bedrooms capable of accommodating up to six people!

Tents don’t have certain components, such as in-built gas fires, electric lighting and beds – so they provide a higher level of comfort for smaller groups.


We have dozens of tent pitches, each brilliantly located in order to provide you with the best sights and comfort possible! Although tents do not come with toilets and showers or microwaves, you’ll still have access to our amazing facilities and amenities should you choose to holiday in a tent.

If you’re looking to camping with all the comforts of home, caravan holiday homes are the right choice for you. Our caravans offer amenities like separate shower and toilet, central heating, television, microwave oven, outside lighting, fridge freezer, oven, and much more.

No matter whether you choose one or the other, you’ll also get to enjoy our gym, golf course, bowling alley, café shop, and more! You’ll also have access to a laundrette, swimming pool and sauna, all of top quality and perfect for a relaxing holiday.


Tents are a fantastic way to feel in tune with nature. They allow you hear birds singing first thing in the morning as if they were right beside you, you can hear the rain or feel the heat of the sun, and, overall, the beautiful sounds of nature will just permeate your tent and offer you and your family a unique experience.

Caravan holiday homes, on the other hand, allow you to listen to these sounds of nature while lingering in bed, to look out the window and admire the stunning scenery surrounding you, to warm yourself at the fire while the rain beats a pattern on the roof, to share a family meal on a patio with picnic bench, and to soak up the tranquil beauty of the local area.

Both types of accommodation offer benefits and allow you to experience your holidays in different, but always comfortable, ways.


If the location of the pitch is an important factor to you, rest assured. All of our pitches are located in exceptional spots that offer panoramic views of the beautiful countryside and easy access to exercise areas, public footpaths, the leisure complex, and much more. Take a look at our map and where our tent and caravan pitches are located – it’ll make it a thousand times easier to reach a decision!

Sleeping under the stars is a fantastic way to unwind and spend a few days feeling one with nature – as is caravanning in luxury! The decision of tent versus caravan can be challenging in the face of so many options, so having a checklist can help you make that choice more easily.

If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll help you with anything you require!