Spring at Holgates: The Perfect Time To Purchase Your Dream Holiday Home

As we move further away from the cold, grey weather of the Winter we look forward to seeing the pleasant change in the weather that spring brings.


The days are getting slightly longer, the birds begin singing again, and the flowers start coming into bloom, which can only mean one thing: Spring is on its way!

And what better occasion to put an additional spring in your step than to purchase your dream holiday home?

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Your Dream Holiday Home?

As Spring starts many begin considering what best way to spend your annual holiday entitlement.

Look no further than a place you can call your own, all without the stress of having to find accommodation or flights at the last minute.

Here at Holgates Holiday Parks, we have a range of stunning holiday homes to suit all individual needs.

With sites across the beautiful Cumbria in Silverdale, Far Arnside, Silver Ridge and Lancashire with sites at Netherbeck and Bay View, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your holiday home is situated in one of the most popular holiday destinations within the UK.

Purchasing a place of your own has multiple benefits. First and foremost, you know exactly what to expect. Styled to your perfect individual taste, you alone will have access to who visits and uses your holiday home, meaning that there are no surprises when you return.

In addition, as previously alluded to, one of the greatest stresses of booking time away is selecting a hotel to stay in when you have nothing but previous reviews to prepare yourself with.

Some of us have been there; arriving after a long and tiring flight, to a hotel which is nothing like what was advertised. With your own dream home, you know exactly what you should be rightly looking forward too.


In addition to this, you are not tied to anyone else's schedule when you purchase your own holiday home meaning you can come and go as you please.

Gone are the days of rising at the crack of dawn to get your breakfast, or the dreaded race to the sun loungers – you can relax at your own pace in your own time, and thoroughly enjoy your break from the world.

Why Now is the Right Time

Whatever time you are at in your life, now is the best time to buy your dream holiday home, as you are providing yourself and your loved ones a beautiful place of escape.

With fewer Brits opting to go abroad, purchasing your dream holiday home means that you secure a home that you are comfortable in, are familiar with the surrounding areas, and love dearly.

An effect of fewer Brits travelling out of the country is that UK holiday homes will continue to become more sought after, suggesting that now might be the best time to purchase.


In addition, as of July 2017, the Lake District was awarded UNESCO World Heritage site status.

The results of this prestigious accolade will mean that tourism in the area has risen, and will continue to rise, attracting more individuals to purchase their holiday home within the area.

So why delay? Contact one of our friendly team members on 01524 701508, or email an enquiry to sales@holgates.co.uk – with such a range of remarkable static caravan holiday homes available, we are certain there is something to suit all budgets and requirements.