Snap Happy: Picture Perfect Autumn

Surrounding all of the Holgates sites is an abundance of stunning scenery, making for the perfect outing with your camera.

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Whether a lone photographer or a walk out with the family and a polaroid, the Lake District in Autumn provides a more than perfect setting to get camera ready and create not just memories – but photographic ones too!


Without even having to go far, Holgates has an added benefit of being a photographer’s dream! Whether a budding photographer or just a snap happy hiker, your lens will never have seen such beauty like what the surrounding areas provide.


Here we have a count-down of the must-visit places, how you can get to them from our nearest park, and what you can capture through the click of a button.


Pendle Hill/ Pendle Witches

While approximately an hour drive in the car from any of our parks, believe us that it’s worth the journey. The stunning Pendle Hill is historic, interesting and breathtakingly beautiful, presenting glorious views and a mountain of fantastic history to fill you and your family’s brains with.

With the area's links to the Lancashire witch trials of 1612, the quaint little villages in surrounding areas and the plethora of greenery, you and your family can take in the beautiful flora while providing an educational trip for the little ones.

Nearest Park: From Netherbeck, approximately 1 hour drive.

Make Sure to Capture: Some spooky pictures of the remains of the witch’s cottage on the hill!

Heysham/ Half Moon Bay

Nestled by Heysham Port lays stunning bay views, alongside a charming café to grab a cup of tea before you and your camera get to work.

With uninterrupted views across the bay, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, where you can see people walking dogs, kids playing in the sand and couples strolling on the paths. With free parking and stupendous walks, this is a must visit place to visit with the family.

Nearest Park: Bay View, approximately 19 minutes by car

Make Sure to Capture: The legendary sun set across Morecambe Bay across to the Isle of Man!

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Silverdale Ledges

Located on the shores of Morecambe Bay in the Arnside and Silverdale AONB, the Silverdale coastal area presents many glorious walking areas that are perfect for snapping the scenery.

With the coastal footpath going from Silverdale to Freckleton, and the Cumbria Coastal way going from Silverdale to Gretna, you won’t be stuck for walks and views to take photos of!

Nearest Park: Silverdale, approximately a 5 walk away by foot.

Make Sure to Capture: Some sneaky crabs and creatures lurking in the sand!

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Jubilee Tower

Parched at the peak of Darwen Hill, you will not be short of a splendid view from this high point in Lancashire. Best get your wide-angle lens ready for these views, as you will be able to reach breath-taking scenes of Yorkshire, Isle of Man and even Blackpool Tower.

Climbing up the tower’s internal stairs, which date back to 1898, allows you to take in all the history and the views!

Nearest Park: Bay View, approximately an hour drive away.

Be Sure to Capture: The 360° surrounding views as well as the tower itself!

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Williamson Park

Spanning across an impressive 54 acres of stunning greenery and architecture, Williamson Park can be considered one of the prettiest parts of Lancaster or Lancashire as a whole. With not just one, not even two, but a handful of picture-perfect shots, you can see the entirety of Lancaster, Morecambe and further from the top as well as capturing the spectacle of the 1909-built Ashton Memorial.

With parks, a café, a butterfly house, a min-zoo with birds and mini beasts and ‘plays in the park’, be sure to not only take your camera, but also the whole family.

Nearest Park: Bay View, approximately 16 minutes away by car, or Netherbeck

Be Sure to Capture: Be sure to grab a shot of a butterfly or two at the Butterfly House!

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Ingleton Waterfalls

This circular waterfall trail is the perfect opportunity to take some of the most stunning photos you ever will snap. Surrounded by wildlife, this place of natural beauty provides views straight from your dreams, with gushing waterfalls following the footpath and spectacular woodlands throughout. Make sure you pack lunch and interchangeable lenses, to make sure you keep your energy up and get a variety of beautiful shots.

Nearest Park: Netherbeck, only around a half an hour drive away.

Be Sure to Capture: Try to spot some small creatures hiding in the bushes and creeks!

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The world provides many locations of beauty but, in the Lake District and around Holgates’ parks, you can’t walk for ten minutes without spotting a stupendous view, worthy of a click of your camera.

Here at Holgates, we know the beauty that surrounds our parks, and we are proud to offer a comfortable retreat for you to come back to after a day of adventuring with your family and your camera.

If you want to see these sights with your own eyes, simply get in touch with our team who would be more than happy to find you a place to stay nearest to your desired view.