​Save it For a Rainy Day: Games to Play Inside

If you’re planning on taking an outdoor holiday in England, you’ve got to be prepared for the possibility of rain.

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If we take a holiday abroad, any sign of rain is a disappointment, especially when you come away to enjoy a hotter, sunnier climate. But seeing as though people don’t tend to go on outdoor trips in England to get a tan, a rainy day can still be just as enjoyable as a sunny one. So if you start to hear the patter of raindrops on the caravan roof, there’s no need to panic, you just need to plan in advance!

Even though the facilities at each of our parks try to cater to everyone, and for all weather possibilities, you might want to pack a few extra bits and pieces for your caravan in case you get caught in a bad patch of weather.

Board Games

It’s always handy to have a few board games tucked away in your suitcase, or propped on a high shelf of your caravan, just in case grey clouds start to appear. Playing games with the family can be a great pastime, and it encourages an afternoon of family time. Keeping cosy altogether in the confines of your caravan is a fun novelty every once in a while and is something that the whole family can enjoy! 

Board game favourites can vary from Monopoly, which you can all come back to the next day if you wish, or perhaps a game of Scrabble to really put your vocabulary to the test. Games that might be more suitable for the kids, however, could be Mouse Trap, Operation or Hungry Hippos.


Ensuring you have all the means available to start baking up a storm, you can have some fun spending a day baking lovely sweets treats and other tasty things to eat for the remainder of your trip. This can be anything from biscuits to cupcakes, and is an activity that everyone can join in with. You could even make a production line out of it – the adults could monitor the baking process so young children avoid contact with a hot oven, and the kids can do the mixing and decorating!

Whatever you feel like cooking, all our luxury caravans and holiday homes are kitted out with the necessary cooking amenities, fridge freezers and microwave ovens to suit all your needs. 


A couple of packs of cards are essential for any trip you take, rainy day or not. There are a multitude of games you can play with a set of cards, from a simple game of snap, to a round of poker if you’re playing with a more mature card player. If you’re stuck for a game to play, then bring along a book of card games, which can fill you in on the instructions to all kinds of games.

Spend time learning how to play traditional or new games; and not only are they a lot of fun once you get the hang of the rules, but some games can be brainteasers and will challenge you much more than sticking on the telly.

So if you’re planning a good old fashioned British holiday, Holgates has some of the best caravan parks near the Lake District, offering some of the most stunning landscapes in England. However, if you can’t escape the typical English weather, then try some of our suggestions to while away an afternoon or two. For any enquiries about any of our parks or accommodation, get in touch with us at 01524 701508, otherwise you can also reach us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.