Preparing for Your Summer Getaway at Holgates

A summer getaway is always a nice way of recharging your batteries and relaxing.

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At Holgates, we have the ideal location for your holiday; from panoramic views to stunning scenery, you can relax and breathe in the fresh air in our parks.

But don’t forget to pack a few things that can be easy to overlook!

Sun Skincare

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun, but it can be easy to forget your skincare products at home. Be sure to pack sunscreen and after sun creams, as our parks are lovely spots to take walks in the sun and you’ll be outdoors for the better part of the day, every day.

Prescriptions and Medication

With summer in full swing, it’s still natural to feel the effects of hay fever. Our beautiful parks are surrounded by nature and, while beautiful and scenic, it could trigger your allergies. Don’t forget to pack antihistamines and allergy medication.

Similarly, any other prescription medicine that you need should be one of the first things you pack. Make sure to have them in your bags before you set off!


Your eyes need to be protected from the sun as much as your skin does. In addition to looking stylish, you’ll protect your eyes from UV rays and other weather elements. A gust of wind can send tiny grains of sand or dirt into your eyes, which is both painful and potentially harmful.

Make sure to protect your eyes alongside your skin, as you never know when the sun decides to shine a bit too brightly.


Extremely important and often overlooked in favour of a camera phone, an actual camera makes all the difference. Camera phones perform very well if you don’t own a camera, and they’re always a good option for casual photography. But, if you want the highest quality of photos in a wide range of modes don’t forget to bring a camera.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for photos of our scenic views, our beautiful animals, and stunning flowers. And the best part is that you can capture precious moments with your friends and family and make a lovely holiday album. Always a great Christmas gift.


Bathing Suit

Perfect for the warm summer weather, our Silverdale park has a pool for your swimming needs. Both you and your little ones will love taking a dip both first thing in the morning to start your day feeling energised, and at the end to relax from a fun-filled day.


Our parks have some of the most beautiful fauna and flora, with plenty of trails and hidden corners that you can find and explore. You and your family might, however, also want to pack a few extra things to provide with entertainment options for when you’re recovering from the walking and the fun.

Board games are excellent ways for everyone to bond and finish the day. Just make sure to not get too competitive! In addition, a good book is always a great friend to bring along. If you have a lot of books, investing in a Kindle or e-reader will help you to easily carry everything you want to read on holiday.

For a perfect summer getaway, check out our parks and choose your ideal location! From Bay View to Far Arnside, we’re not short on scenic views and releaxing atmosphere’s here at Holgates. And if you do forget something? Our on-site facilities and friendly staff are on hand to help, so don’t worry!