Holiday Homes in the UK (Infographic)

'Staycations' are increasingly popular, with thousands of Brits having their own holiday home in the UK!

Holgates Features Image For Infog

More and more Britons are choosing the UK as their holiday destination. This type of tourism is already worth £1.4 billion and it is believed to grow to even higher figures this year. 'Staycations' offer a wealth of advantages, and thousands of holidaymakers know it; that is why they have already invested in their own holiday homes!

This infographic clearly shows the popularity of holidaying in the UK, with many people opting to purchase their own holiday homes. The attraction of such a choice is undeniable: it allows them to always be able to holiday in their favourite spot every year, offers them the comfort of a familiar home while on holiday, and removes the stress of planning accommodation.

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