Holgates in Bloom Awards: 2016 Winners Vic and Joan Monkhouse

Holgates in Bloom is a yearly award that we’ve been running for the past five years in our parks, engaging our lovely community of home owners.

Holgates In Bloom

Open to more than 850 holiday home owners across all of our parks, it underlines the beauty of the landscape through the competition.Throughout the summer, couples and families at our parks embellish their gardens will beautiful floral displays. Rosemary Speake, treasurer of the Silverdale Horticultural and Gardening Society, judged 2016’s edition.

Kim Hodson-Walker and her partner Eddie help to organise the awards every year; as a warden at Netherbeck Park near Carnforth, she has seen many a wonderful garden. She says that Holgates in Bloom always attracts intense interest from home owners.

2016’s Holgates in Bloom Winners

This year’s winners, Vic and Joan Monkhouse, have owned a holiday home at Bay View Caravan Park part for five years, choosing the location for a very special reason: their son Mark, his wife Suzanne, and their two children live very close to the park. 70-year-old Vic utilises wide variety of bulbs and cuttings, such as sea hollies, hydrangeas, begonias, and hostas, from their Carlisle residence to create his award-winning garden.

Vic and Joan’s son, Mark, has a hand in the upkeep of the wonderful flower display; he works closely with his father in his Cumbrian industrial oil supply business, and provides care to the holiday plot when the couple are away, although Vic and Joan frequently visit their holiday home here at Bay View.

A Lovely Display of Floral Skill

The couple were congratulated by BBC Radio Lancashire’s presenter and gardening expert Stephen Lowe at a ceremony at our Silverdale holiday park in South Cumbria. Stephen presents the popular Sunday Lancashire Outdoors show, and he expressed his amazement at Vic and Joan’s imagination in their holiday garden plot.

Michael Holgate, owner of our family business, commended the couple’s landscaping skills and win. Rosemary Speake expressed the delightful imagery of their garden, saying it displayed not only great skill but also good judgement in the manner in which they positioned the plants within their garden space.

As winners, Vic and Joan received a £50 garden centre voucher and an inscribed stone tablet from Honister Slate Mine, near Keswick. These awards highlight their gorgeous holiday garden plot and, more importantly, it recognises the effort that they have put in.

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