Glamping – The Best Of Both Worlds!

It’s important to set aside time for your friends, so this year why not book a weekend in advance for you and your chums to go glamping?

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It’s a great way to spend some quality time together, and you don’t even have to pitch a tent!

Essentially, it’s luxury camping with the added bonus of not having to crawl into a tent, therefore appearing relatively ‘glamorous’. At Holgates, we offer the option to stay in one of our camping pods located at our flagship park in Silverdale, as well as having pods in Bay View Parks and Hollins Farm.

Instead of spending the night in canvas confines, a camping pod offers a proper roof over your head; the natural timber structure is insulated with foil and sheep’s wool, and double glazed French doors and windows to ensure you don’t have a blustery night’s sleep.

Spending a few nights in a pod is a way to enjoy the novelty of camping with a few extra home comforts such as a sofa to sprawl on, a light inside and a heater to toast chilly fingers and toes. You’d still be reaping the benefits of an outdoor camping holiday, but instead of having the wilderness on your door step it’s on your pod’s patio. 

You still have to prepare for the camping experience, however, by packing all the necessary cooking equipment and extra bedding for any extra campers. Even though there is lighting, a torch might prove to be a handy tool to take out with you when nature calls! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the fun, now would we? 

Our camping pods are fit for families too, of course! If after the hectic holiday season, the thought of all sharing a tent seems too much, a pod provides a little extra leg room and houses two adults and two small children.

So if this sounds like the perfect way for you and your friends to get together, then don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about availability at 01524 701508. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates!