Exclusive Look at the ABI Windermere

Today, we’re looking at one of our latest holiday home models, inspired by one of the most popular lakes in Cumbria – Lake Windermere.

Abi Windermere 2

We have compiled some exclusive details on this luxurious holiday home, located on our flagship park in Silverdale.

The Latest from Our Flagship Park in Silverdale

The Windermere is a new model for 2019, therefore providing a top of the range holiday home and living experience. The creators of this stunning holiday home, describe the Windermere as a space ’where country living and modern life meet’, and we couldn’t choose better words to describe this delightful holiday residence.

True to its word, life inside the ABI Windermere combines the luxury and aesthetic of modern living with plush furnishings, natural wood-effect fittings and the glory of nature’s beauty just beyond the patio door. 

12ft Has Never Been So Spacious…

The 2019 Windermere has been incredibly well designed – measuring at 12ft wide, this cabin is already quite spacious; however the careful arrangement of furniture has opened the space up even more, taking this holiday home one step further. The ingenuity behind the Windermere’s design, results in a cohesive and airy living space.

This cabin successfully contains both a three-seater and a two-seater sofa, without evoking the slightest hint of feeling over-filled. The open-plan kitchen allows enough space to manouver in and out, whilst also being home to a free-standing dining table and chairs; providing the perfect space to gather as a family and enjoy the ABI Windermere.

You will feel right at home in the ABI Windermere; featuring a standing fridge-freezer, full oven and separate microwave, there is no compromise on space during day-to-day living. 

The Living Room…

The Windermere’s main living space is open plan for maximum efficiency, but you’ll be able to see that there are fairly well-defined spaces within this. Upon your entry to the Windermere through the main door, the first item to catch your attention will undoubtedly be the fully furnished living room.

This section is complete with coffee table, fire, shelving and television, but we think that the most striking aspect of this room is the natural light that filters in through the double patio doors, joined by extra windows on either side. The light and neutral colours used in the living room reflect this abundance of light to create a bright and airy space. It would be a delight to spend an afternoon reading in this room.

There are other amenities hidden in the living room, such as the bonus radiator backing on to the three-seater sofa – perfect for a wintry weekend snuggled up on the couch after a walk in the surrounding countryside. The glass doesn’t hold back on comfort either; the double glazing will keep the heat in when it matters the most, and in the summer months, you can open the double patio doors to ensure maximum comfort.

The Kitchen-Diner…

Overall, the effect of the kitchen-diner is one of luxury. It’s a little sharper than the cosy living room, but not without its creature comforts. For example, the four chairs that supplement the modest dinner table are high-backed, soft and stylish. The light from the living room flows into this space and is topped up by further windows above the kitchen counter.

The placement of the dining table means that, should you desire to watch TV during your mealtime, all you have to do is turn it on.

The kitchen is, like the rest of the cabin, well-considered. It features all of the standard necessities, including oven, four-ring hob, a standing fridge-freezer, and you can also opt for an integrated microwave. The Windermere is designed with your relaxation in mind, and no-one wants to heave themselves off the sofa to go and wash the dishes on holiday. For this purpose, the Windermere also features a dishwasher. 

Bedrooms and Ensuites…

Exiting from the kitchen, you come into a corridor that leads into the two bedrooms and the main bathroom. While the kitchen flooring uses a practical wood-effect laminate, the floor here returns to the lovely, plush carpet featured in the living space. The first room that appears on your left is the twin bedroom, ideal if you are expecting guests.

Twin Bedroom

The twin bedroom is narrow but very functional. It sports a mini bedside table in the centre with an easy-to-reach lamp – perfect for reading the latest novels. The Windermere recognises that many of us have switched to reading from electronic devices before bed, however, and the double sockets above the coffee table also have USB ports.

This room also includes a small radiator at the foot of the beds, as well as a mirror and a narrow wardrobe. There are further sockets hidden around the room, including an accessible TV point, should you decide to add further entertainment features to your second home.

Exiting from this room, you will return to the hallway, and the family bathroom will appear on your right.

Family Bathroom

This bathroom is fully kitted out with a spacious shower, a beautiful sink with cabinet and drawers, WC, storage cupboard and shelving. The flooring in here is laminate to protect against water as it is used over the years. A towel heater, next to the shower, will keep your towels warm and cosy; a welcome feature during the winter months.

Master Bedroom

Exiting the bathroom back into the hallway, we come to the final section of this beautiful holiday home; the master bedroom. This bedroom is spacious and stunning, featuring a king size bed, as well as bedside tables on either side. Fitted with double sockets and integrated reading lamps, if it wasn’t for the surrounding countryside – you might never get out of this bed!

The master bedroom also features a dressing table and full-length mirror, with a walk-in wardrobe to the right of the bed, and an ensuite toilet to the left. The ensuite is the ultimate comfort of the ABI Windermere, as it ensures that you can invite guests to stay overnight without any worry of a bathroom queue in the middle of the night.

The ensuite isn’t simply a toilet, though; it’s another fully decked bathroom with fitted shower and towel rail, ensuring that no-one has to do without.

Final Thoughts

The Windermere is the ultimate holiday home for Silverdale and we’re proud to start 2019 with this fantastic addition to the Holgates collection. If you’re interested in viewing the Windermere, or would like to find out more, we recommend contacting us on 01524 701508. Alternatively, you can use this virtual tour, or arrange a viewing here. When purchasing a holiday home with Holgates, you’ll also be purchasing access to our five-star facilities – this isn’t an opportunity to be missed.