Discover Your Wild Side in Arnside and Silverdale

If getting out and enjoying nature is your thing, then there’s no better destination than the South Lakes.

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If getting out and enjoying nature is your thing, then there’s no better destination than the South Lakes.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful walk in the wonderful landscape or a wander through a wildlife-filled nature reserve, the South Lakes has it all. Arnside and Silverdale are especially diverse when it comes to wildlife, and luckily for visitors to our caravan parks in the Lake District, we’re in the prime location to get the best nature experience in the whole North West!

So where can you witness these local wildlife hotspots?

Arnside Knott

Arnside Knott is most popular in the summer months- mainly June and July- thanks to the abundance of butterflies that make the reserve their home. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of some of the rarest butterfly species in the UK, such as the High Brown Fritillary which makes an occasional appearance.

As it is owned by the National Trust, you can be sure that the environment that you find yourself in is well kept and beautiful, no matter what time of year you come for a visit. The views of the fells and out onto Morecambe Bay are not to be missed, too!

Eaves Wood

If you find yourself in the Silverdale area, be sure to head to Eaves Wood and discover one of the most beautiful natural areas in the country.

With so many various landscapes to uncover; from vast forest floors to the magnificent beech plantation and even the hidden grassy glades, there’s something to inspire and invigorate everyone.

There’s even a monument to visit, The Pepperpot, which was erected to celebrate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The surrounding area also gives an awe-inspiring view of the Yorkshire Dales and Bowland Fells.

Leighton Moss

If it’s a wide range of wildlife that you’re looking to see, then RSPB Leighton Moss is definitely the place for you. With species ranging from birds to the elusive red deer and even bats during the evening , there’s something to see all year round!

Leighton Moss is also a great place to take children. There are seasonal activities going on all year round and your little ones can become nature detectives for the day- perfect for those little ones who are already showing an interest in the wildlife around them.

Here at Holgates, our wonderful holiday homes provide the perfect base for a variety of different holiday activities across the South Lakes.

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