Cumbria Park's Bright Ideas Bring Charity Cash - Holgates staff raise over £2,000

Pinks and purples were the colours of autumn this year at Holgates holiday parks where our staff have raised over £2,000 for local good causes.

Pink Weekend Final

The kaleidoscopic couple of months saw team members organise a raft of different fundraising activities, all themed around the colours of the two charities being supported.

In the first, staff all turned up for work dressed in bright pink – and decorated the park reception to match – for a weekend of fundraising in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

A few weeks later, holidaymakers marvelled at the sight of everyone in purple plumage as staff took part in a national awareness day for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

But our staff did much more than just dress the part, for they also threw themselves into a series of charity challenges to help boost funds.

The Hollins Farm team organised a sponsored ramble around local beauty spot Arnside Knott with walkers adorned in pink and purple, and a sale of home-baked treats.

Many of our 150 staff at Holgates’ six holiday parks – including its flagship Silverdale park – gave up their time to help raise money for the local branches of the two charities.

One of them, Pancreatic Cancer UK, has been adopted as the Holgate group’s designated charity of the year, and has a special significance for the business.

That’s because Frank Holgate, the father of Michael Holgate who steers the group today, passed away from the disease almost three years ago.

Frank was an early pioneer of holiday parks in the Lake District, and his original business – Silverdale park – marked its sixtieth anniversary last year.

Fundraising, said Michael Holgate, has long been a tradition within the company:

“Many of the most amazing ideas for helping good causes have come directly from our staff, and we’re always delighted to give them our backing,” he said.

“They deserve a huge pat on the back for the time and energy invested in planning and putting the events into action, each of which has come up trumps.

“Their enthusiasm also encourages other members of the community and holidaymakers to get involved, such as with our sponsored walk in autumn.

“Now we’re challenging everyone to come up with more charity money-raisers for the festive period, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!” added Michael.

Local organisers of both charities helped during the recent rounds of fundraising have sent their thanks to everyone concerned at the parks.