Camping Essentials You Didn’t Think Of

Camping can be one of the most exciting experiences - but not if you forget something vital! Sometimes a quick reminder can be a life saver.

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Going camping is always exciting! As the anticipation of spending a few days relaxing and sleeping under the stars builds up, you probably want to start getting everything ready – planning what to take with you on holiday, as well as packing your bags, can be a challenging task, as you don’t want to forget anything.

However, whether or not you go camping often, it’s only natural that something may be left behind… There are some camping essentials that you absolutely need to take with you, although you may not think of them in the hurry – and excitement – of packing for your camping holiday!


Night time toilet visits and getting into your pyjamas, ready for a good night’s kip under canvas can be pretty challenging without the use of light. If you’re not used to camping, you may be surprised at how dark it is once you’re away from the city lights. This means you will be in need of a torch to light the way, so invest in something bright – the brighter the better!

Dishwashing Tub

You remembered to take the cutlery, the dishes and the cups with you, but what about a place to wash them in? Unless you’re planning on using disposable tableware every day, which is not very eco-friendly, you will need to do the dishes, and more than once a day too. Of course, if you’re planning on staying in your very own holiday home, this doesn’t apply to you!

But you can be caught unawares if you plan on spending a relaxing few days sleeping under the stars, so make sure you plan for this essential.

Pocket Knife

Another staple you may not think you need is a good knife – not like the ones you use as cutlery, but one that can allow you to cut rope, first aid bandages and much more. Things may not go according to plan when you go camping, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to use it – even if it’s just to open a stubborn package!


It’s always cold at night, no matter where you choose to go camping. It’s important that you keep warm, and one spot in your body that is often overlooked is your head – you can lose body heat through your head as well, so take a beanie with you so that you can be even more comfortable when night comes.

There are many different types of campers, from the first-timers to the experienced, and everything else in between, but everyone needs camping essentials! After making sure the obvious things, such as toiletries, are already packed, you need to think about what else you may possibly need once you get to the campsite.

This way you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have everything you could possibly need with you and enjoy a much more relaxing holiday in our parks. Please don’t hesitate to contact Holgates to learn more about our facilities, the local areas and the accommodations we have to offer - as well as the beautiful heritage sites you can explore.