Benefits of Owning a Holiday Home in the Summer

Whether a villa abroad or a caravan in the Lake District, it is easy to see the attraction in having a home away from home.

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After all, who doesn’t want a relaxing and easy solution to getting away from the everyday grind? Especially in the summer!

Summer is the perfect time to get away, and with the kind of weather we’ve been having lately, let’s make the most of it! The lake district and surrounding areas host some of the most stunning views and when you have a hub to escape to, you can enjoy them whenever you want, however you want… especially when you have a holiday home at one of our locations.

Money Saving 

If you think about all the times you may spend money on a one-off holiday cost, you can feel overwhelmed. In fact, the average British family spends two months of their entire yearly salary on a summer holiday. 

A family of four will spend an average of £860 per person on their holiday breaks, which is around two months’ pay after tax (based on a salary of £26,500). 

If you consider the cost of buying a holiday home, it may seem like a bigger blow to the wallet, but if you think of the countless opportunities you will have to get away, the spontaneity you can embrace and the how much time you can spend there, it works out as a bigger and better investment.

Summer can sometimes be an expensive time. With numerous trips out, the possibility of a summer holiday abroad and the costs of travelling to all the summer events and activities. If you had a holiday home, you could save plenty of money and time by venturing out to the countryside and having all these summer events, activities and more right on the doorstep of your home away from home.

More Than a Hotel

When you have your permanent holiday residence, you essentially have a home, not just a hotel. When you have the freedom to add your own touch of character and personality, your hub of relaxation will look like it belongs to you in no time.

When it comes to doing things last minute, your holiday home will be there no matter what. You could even have a spontaneous trip away at the weekend. You can’t do that with a conventional hotel booking unless you are super lucky with your reservation! 

Even if you did manage to get a last minute cheap hotel booking, there are no home comforts like there is in a holiday home; no personal outdoor space and nowhere to keep your belongings for next visit. It isn’t quite as homey and cosy as your own space to kick back and relax. 

Who needs room service when you have your own slippers, an oven to pop a pizza in and a fridge to chill your wine? Especially in summer, you can sit out on your terrace with that previously chilled wine!

Summer Location!

Your location is everything, and whether you are overlooking the lush greenery of the Lake District or the shores of a beach abroad, a home amongst such scenery is surely bliss. By investing in a property in the Lake District area, for example, the outdoors and the lifestyle associated with it is right on your doorstep. Your trip won’t only be spontaneous but your activities can be too. Go kayaking, rambling, cyclingor take a relaxing strollwith the dog. The world is your oyster when your holiday home is waiting for you. 

The lake district and its surrounding areas have more than just a few things for you and your family to get up to in the summer, and when you have your holiday home to retreat back to, you can relax knowing no fuss of transport, extra costs or where to put the tired kids after a long adventurous day!

Convenience and the Future

Summer in the UK is an unsure time for the weather, and we can’t deny that. Any glimpse of the sun having his hat on, and us brits flock to the fields, beaches and beer gardens. Just imagine if you knew you had a holiday home to conveniently retreat to in these exciting times!

Got a spare Saturday evening and Sunday? Why not drive down and spend the night in your holiday home away from the pile of washing and the bustling city stresses? 

Has the sun has made an impromptu appearance? Grab some friends and family, make your way to your holiday home and have a summer celebration while you can! 

Not only is purchasing a holiday home the most convenient form of holidaying, but it is the perfect solution for later in life. When retirement comes, you already have a place to escape to and relax (and have a dip in the pool).

If you would like to learn more about how you can purchase a holiday home on one of our sites, simply get in touch with one of our friendly team members here at Holgate's or browse the properties we have for sale at the moment.