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Caring for Our Environment

Our environmental strategy comprises three themes:

Our Local Environment

At Holgates we recognise the value of the environment in which we operate, the beautiful landscapes which attract our visitors, and which contain many rich and fragile habitats. We are committed to not only conserving these habitats, but we strive to improve them further, for the benefit of biodiversity, by creating new places with more opportunities for wildlife.

Our Local Community

We appreciate that we manage important businesses in a predominantly rural areas and we recognise it is important that we make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work

Our Global Environment

We also recognise the responsibility we have to ensure that our business operations do not harm the wider global environment, and we therefore strive to implement measures that help to conserve the world’s resources and moreover, we encourage our customers to participate too.

Our Motivation

We do these things, not just because we ought to, but because we want to. We care about our local and global environments, and keenly play our part in their conservation. This passion is at the very heart of our organisation, it is embedded in our culture, and evident at every level of our organisation.

Here are the many ways in which we strive to care for the environment:

1. Our Natural Environment

  • We recognise that many of our parks are located in very special landscapes, which are protected for their beauty or for the rare species of wildlife living there.
  • We respect the statutory protection afforded to these landscapes, and are committed to working with statutory agencies, such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to preserve them
  • We work with nature conservation organisations to conserve and create wildlife habitats in and around our parks, taking particular care for rare species .
  • We encourage our visitors to appreciate the value of the countryside with carefully planned access and interpretation.
  • We plant new hedgerows using locally native species and manage old hedgerows in the traditional ways
  • We restore dry stone walls and other boundaries of environmental and historic interest.
  • We manage our ponds, rivers and waterways for the benefit of biodiversity.

2. Our Local Community

  • We are keen that our developments do not have a negative visual impact on the landscape
  • We use locally sourced, natural materials such as stone and wood in our construction activities
  • We endeavour to make new buildings blend into the local landscape
  • We make provision for people to enjoy the countryside through walking and cycling, thereby supporting other local businesses
  • We design our lighting so as not to create light pollution
  • We control noise in order not to disturb our neighbours
  • We encourage the local community to use our facilities
  • We endeavour to use local contractors whenever practical and promote local businesses to our customers

3. Our Global Environment

  • We employ a variety of practical measures in place to conserve water and minimise its use .
  • We monitor leaks acting swiftly to repair any damage
  • We have a variety of measures to reduce the consumption of electricity
  • We actively recycle as much of our waste as possible, and encourage customers to adopt similar practices
  • We use products made from recycled materials wherever possible
  • We always seek to purchase goods and materials which are from sustainable sources and avoid the use of harmful chemicals
  • We actively promote and encourage the use of public transport.

David Bellamy Awards 2019/20

We are proud to announce that once again all of our parks have been award the gold accolade in the 2019/20 David Bellamy Conservation Awards. Furthermore, Rimington Leisure Park has also been awarded the Silver accolade, as well as the 'Hedge Habitat Badge' and being recognised as a Honey Bee Friendly park.